a) Photo rejuvenation: The activation of physiological mechanisms of aging and production of new collagen with the help of laser leads to impressive results regarding the improvement of wrinkles and the skin texture of face and neck.

b) Skin tightening: It’s a no surgical lifting with the use of laser having immediate results for the confrontation of loosening and wrinkles of face and neck.

Το διοδικό λέιζερ (smoothbeam-μήκος κύματος 1450nm) και το λέιζερ νεαδυμίου (NdYag-μήκος κύματος 1064nm) χρησιμοποιούνται για την αντιμετώπιση των ρυτίδων και τη σύσφιξη (λίφτινγκ) προσώπου-λαιμού με ικανοποιητικότατα αποτελέσματα. Το κάθε ένα από αυτά εκπέμπει μια ακτίνα που είναι αόρατη στο ανθρώπινο μάτι και ανήκει στο υπέρυθρο φάσμα. Έτσι η ενέργεια της κάθε ακτίνας απορροφάται από υλικό και στη περίπτωση αυτή το υλικό αυτό είναι το νερό των ιστών. Όπως ξέρουμε το 60% του σώματος μας είναι νερό. Με το τρόπο αυτό ανυψώνουμε τη θερμοκρασία στη περιοχή του χορίου (κάτω από την επιδερμίδα) και ενεργοποιούμε μια ομάδα κυττάρων που λέγονται ινοβλάστες, τα οποία παράγουν νέο κολλαγόνο, νέα ελαστίνη και μεσοκυττάρια θεμέλια ουσία που αποτελούν δομικά στοιχεία του δέρματος. Κατορθώνεται έτσι η λείανση των ρυτίδων και η σύσφιξη του προσώπου.

Επισημαίνουμε τα εξής:
1. Η θεραπεία περιλαμβάνει 3-6 συνεδρίες (με μεσοδιαστήματα 20-30 ημερών ανά συνεδρία). Οι ασθενείς συνεχίζουν κανονικά τις δραστηριότητες τους χωρίς κανένα πρόβλημα καθώς είναι μια μη επεμβατική θεραπεία.
2. Δεν πρέπει να λησμονούμε πως το αποτέλεσμα μιας τέτοιας θεραπείας εξαρτάται πάντοτε και από παράγοντες όπως η ποιότητα του δέρματος, η ηλικία και η χρόνια έκθεση στον ήλιο.
3. Τα δύο λέιζερ μπορούν να χρησιμοποιηθούν μόνα τους ή σε συνδυασμό μεταξύ τους ή και με άλλες θεραπείες(π.χ.μικροδερμοαπόξεση). Σε κάθε περίπτωση η θεραπεία εξατομικεύεται. Πρέπει να αναφερθεί όμως πως δεν συνίστανται τέτοιες εφαρμογές το καλοκαίρι.

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c) Botox:
Botulinum toxin is a drug which is already used from the decade of '70s for the treatment of problems like neurotic distortions(ticks). It also gives the best results to the therapy of hyperidrosia. It is used as well with excellent results for the improvement of the glabella wrinkles, the forehead wrinkles and the "crows' feet" wrinkles. The drug has the characteristic of relaxing the muscle which is under the dermis so that the muscular tone disappears and the wrinkles fall into disuse and calm. The treatment is taken place using little painless injections of the drug at the points which need treatment. The good result and the action of the drug is presserved for 3 to 4 months. Then we can repeat the treatment.We emphasized that in every occasion the purpose of such therapy is not the paralysis of the face but to give it a more relaxing and youthful appearance. Exxagerations must be avoided.

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d) Hyalouronic Acid:
The hyalouronic acid is a structural molecule of collagene.In the last years it is used giving the best results by using injections of implatations(crossed molecule) for the treatment of wrinkles and also for the substitution of the mass and the vigour of the skin where it is needed. It is a really excellent curative process for the confronting of the nasogenian folds, perioral wrinkles("wrinles of the smoker"),glabella wrinles,and for the substitution of the lost mass in areas like cheeks. Finally, it is ideal for the formation of the outline of the lips(lip contour) and the substitution of their lost mass(lip volume). So, using little and painless injections we put the gel at the points we are interested about. The hyalouronic acid is competely incorporated at the skin tissue and its action lasts 6-9 months and then its metabolised.We can repeat the procces then. We emphasize that in every case our purpose of such treatment is to improve the texture and the complexion of the skin and not the disappereance of the wrinkles by any cost which leads to overtreatment ,exxagerations and distortions of faces and characteristics.

e)Mesotherapy of wrinkles:
Using the method of mesotherapy we pour by little painless injections at the area just under the epidermis substances like hyalouronic acid,vitamins (A,C,E) metallic elements, antioxidants which all them are neccessary for the nutrition, vigorouness and the good condition of the skin and at the same time they face and eliminate the free radicals which are responsible at a big degreefor the skin aging.

5 to 8 visits are needed per 10-20 days and the good results are quickly obvious. It is an excellent therapeutic method for dehydrated and photoaging skins. The treatment can be applied to areas like face,neck,the neckline and even the outer side of wrist. The good results can be retained repeating a visit every 2 or 3 months if we wish so.

Mesotherapy started to be applied at the end of the decade of '50s. It is a therapeutic method by which using little painless injections we pour therapeutic substances like vitamins, antioxidotic elements, hyalouronic acid,lipid-burning ingredients etc. at the anatomic area between the dermis and the under-lied muscle(that's how we have the term meso-therapy).

Thus we can implant these therapeutic substances which cannot be penetrated so deeply by other way (like creams) so that they can act correctly and effectively. By this way we can use it succesfully for problems like wrinkles, loosening of the skin,cellulite and accumulating fat.

This treatment can be applied at any time of the year (winter or summer) and a number of visits is required (6 to 8 usually) which are repeated per 1 or per 2 weeks. The results in some cases can be visible even after the first visit in some cases. It is an absolutely safe therapeutic method offering very good results.

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Eyes, before and after:

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