The laser health beauty and body slim serve health and beauty since 2000. Our ultramodern equipment which is permanently renewed following the technological evolutions, the great knowledge and experience that make us pioneer but most of all the respect to the man and to the needs of all those who trust us all these years are those elements that characterize our vocation and determine our philosophy.


Who we are:
Panagiotis Koutsoumpos: Dermatologist-venereologist M.D., specialized in dermatological laser,
Cassandra Koutsoumpos: Graduate aesthetician,
Anastasios Koutsoumpos: Dietician.

What we aren't (!!!)

Here are some certain things that fortunately we are NOT:
1) 1) Multistaffed - impersonal company - We are consisted of specialized personnel of 3 individuals - that it is based on the personal contact with you taking into consideration first of all your right advising.

2) Company with “decorating girls” and unnecessary luxuries - Our fundamental objective is to impress only through our work and only that.

3) Company of package of offers - our payment is a payment of a visit - we consider this to be the most honest.

4) Salesmen of false hopes and expectations - we do not promise "miracles" and we are not going to hesitate to prevent you from a certain pointless treatment provided that we have judged so and always proposing the ideal solution.

Laser Health Beauty and Body Slim

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