Microdermabration is the most modern and advanced peeling method.We can do very deep cleansing, skin rejuvenation, treatment of freckles with impressive and immediate results without unwanted irritations of chemical peels. It is ideal for combination with laser skin rejuvenation treatments.

We use special microcrystals currently targeting the skin,the old layers of keratin are breaked and removed thus making a very deep cleaning and a great renewal without irritation. The result is immediate and impressive, with significant improvements in wrinkles,skin discolorations, oily skin, seborrhoea, etc. the treatment applied to the face, neck, the around the eyes area or wherever we want (e.g.chest).

We note the following:
1. It does not require a stay at home after treatment (like deep chemical peels that happens quite often) or some overly protective measures.
2. It does not require a specific number of treatments. We can repeat the treatment after 20 days or anytime we want a rejuvenation and stimulation of the skin.
3.We can use it in combination with laser treatments for even better results in such wrinkles, scars, acne, etc.

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