It is the specter of even the most shapely trunks, it does not discriminate and can be seen not only at bodies with some extra pounds, but also in thin silhouettes . The discharge from the cellulite and the local thickness seemed, so far, a very difficult task. Until yesterday... now, the cellulite, the local thickness and relaxation, can be treated radically.

Cellulite is due to the presence of fat cells in areas of the body such as legs and arms (arms) that accumulate sufficient amounts of fat so the typical image of "orange peel" skin in those areas. Major concern for our treatments are always a contraction of these fat cells in order to achieve a significant improvement in the aesthetic problem.

But we must note the following:
1. The treatment is individualized and always depends on the extent of the problem.
2. It is important to be accompanied by a careful diet and nutrition where necessary.
3. Maintaining a good result of such treatment is often more difficult than the actual treatment itself.

Α. BodySlim.
It is a way of addressing the local thickness, completely painless with immediate and dramatic loss of points in any part of the body we want from the very first application.

The implementation of the three heads of the diode laser irradia for cellulite treatment leads to significant improvements and great results without pain and trouble.

C.Mesotherapy of cellulite and stretching
The treatment of cellulite using mesotherapy includes the local pouring of substances in the fat tissue like caffeine,vitamins,hyalouronic acid,anti-oxidants and mineral elements which by their combination can succeed lipolyssis and thightening of the area where the cellulite exists or of the accumulating fat and laxity.
The therapy includes visitsevery 7-10 days for a period of 2 months.there are enough cases where the results are obvious even from the first visit.After the end of the treatment we can retain the good results repeating a visit every 2 or 3 months if we want to.

Mesotherapy started to be applied at the end of the decade of '50s.It is a therapeutic method by which using little painless injections we pour therapeutic substances like vitamins,antioxidotic elements,hyalouronic acid,lipid-burning ingredients etc. at the anatomic area between the dermis and the under-lied muscle(that's how we have the term meso-therapy).Thus we can implant these therapeutic substances which cannot be penetrated so deeply by other way (like creams)so that they can act correctly and effectively.By this way we can use it succesfully for problems like wrinkles,loosening of the skin,cellulite and accumulating fat.this treatment can be applied at any time of the year(winter or summer)and a number of visits is required(6 to 8 usually)which are repeated per 1 or per 2 weeks.The results in some cases can be visible even after the first visit in some cases.it is an absolutely safe therapeutic method offering very good results.

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