The laser health beauty and body slim serve health and beauty since 2000. Our ultramodern equipment which is permanently renewed following the technological evolutions, the great knowledge and experience that make us pioneer but most of all the respect to the man and to the needs of all those who trust us all these years are those elements that characterize our vocation and determine our philosophy.



Aesthetic perfection is not limited to the treatments that we provide! Our Aesthetic Medicine and Nutrition Center is extremely sophisticated! The friendly reception area and fully organized rooms of applications and treatments make up our corporate presence and inspire your confidence to guarantee the results we promise.


Διαθέτουμε έναν υπερσύγχρονο εξόπλισμό, ενώ δε σταματάμε ποτέ να ενημερωνόμαστε για τις τελευταίες επιστημονικές εξελίξεις και να υιοθετούμε την τελευταία λέξη της τεχνολογίας στον εξοπλισμό και τις μεθόδους μας.Αυτό είναι που μας κατατάσσει στους κορυφαίους του χώρου, διάκριση την οποία μας έχετε δώσει εσείς με την προτίμησή σας.


The formation of a right individual diet aiming at the checked and progressive loss of kilos can give the solution in problems of obesity and it is our basic concern.


All classical and modern treatments of aesthetics are carried out with responsible and scientific way. Our long term experience and knowledge are the basis for a certain and spectacular result.

Laser Health Beauty and Body Slim

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