Vascular Lesions

The blue and red vessels that appear in the skin of face and legs are a usual aesthetic problem which is solved by the help of laser technology having exceptional therapeutic results.

Long pulsed dye laser emits a pure yellow beam (wave length 595 nm)and it is a real miracle of modern technology that finds many aplications in various skin problems. Thus the light energy absorbed selectively from the red color of hemoglobin and is converted into heat which destroys unwanted vessels everywhere we want to. At this point we should note these:

1.One session for litle vessels (e.g. spider veins) is often enough to eliminate the problem.

2.Extensive damage (e.g. leg vessels) is very likely that it will take several sessions until we have a good therapeutic effect.

3.In each case the patient should already be aware of the emergence of purpura and swelling in the area of the laser applied. These are anticipated follow-up treatments and resolves compeletely without problems.


Legs - shanks:

Legs - thighs:


Spineς, before and after 1 session:

Chest, before and after 1 session:

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