Age spots-Discolored Skin-Melasma

They are the results of damage from a long term exposition to the sun. They are usually located on face and hands – both microdermabration and laser give the best results.

Alexandrite laser (wavelength 755nm) emit a red beam that targets the black color of the stain and destroy. We should note the following.
1. Laser treatment is indicated for the solar (senile) spots appear on face and back of hands in particular. In several cases one session is enough.
2. For freckles / discoloration (chloasma)of the skin laser treatment is not appropriate. In these cases, treatment involves microdermabrassion and use of local medicines. In such a case takes time and patience for a satisfactory outcome.
3. Successful treatment of spots / discoloration / freckles not prevent the creation of new in each case. For this reason is also very important to protect the skin from the sun during the summer.

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